Month: December 2012

Ireland’s Bowe to Undergo Knee Surgery

Reports have it that the winger of the Ireland rugby team (better known as Ulster), the 28-year-old Tommy Bowe will have to undergo a knee surgery at the end of the week. He had his knee busted on Saturday evening when his team was playing against the Northampton Saints and it had been 77 minutes after the match took off.

He was quickly taken away from the field fearing his injury was too serious to be treated with a cramp-relieving spray. And it actually turned out to be the truth. From the team’s reports, it was confirmed that he had “sustained significant lateral ligament damage to his right knee”.

Now due to his absence, the team is under quite a lot of pressure before the Six Nations fight. It is not possible for the Ireland rugby team to set the stipulated date when he will make it back because it all depends on the recovering capacity of the individuals and the doctor’s advice.