The Ireland rugby team has recently managed to sign up Paul O’Connell for this season and has appointed him as the captain for the 2012 Rugby World Cup.

This has been great news for them team as Paul is a star player and has gone on to win 82 titles for his country as a captain out of the total of 127 appearances that he has made.

All this goes on to show that he is quite capable of helping the Ireland rugby team. Paul has recently been having quite a number of injuries and hence was unable to be at his best performance.

However, the fact that he has signed up with the Ireland rugby team just after his injury has gone on to show that the club is definitely going to progress. He has always been a key pivotal player for Ireland and Munster and has made sure that he has brought about quite an impact to the game with his performance.

Paul has been quote successful himself during his senior career. He has been selected for the rugby Cup squad thrice earlier in the years 2003, 2007 and 2011 and has put up quite a scintillating performance in each of the cups which has helped him to gain popularity and ensure that the club officials yearn for his presence more and more as the new rugby cup come.

He has also helped his team to win a six nation’s title and has won the Five Triple Crown along with the Grand Slam in the year 2009. All these achievements are the basic reason why his selection to the Ireland Rugby team has been brought about by so much of happiness and excitement amongst the players of the club