Ireland Defeat Wales

The rugby team representing Wales at the Six Nations got extremely humiliated when it was defeated by Ireland’s rugby team. Wales was outgunned, outthought and outmuscled in ways unimaginable and the performance of the team was highly disappointing. If Ireland had shown more ambition and flair then Wales would have lost the match even more terribly.

Ireland’s performance was as impressive as its performance had been in the year 2006 when it had defeated Wales at the Six Nations Championship. By defeating Wales this year, Ireland has shattered the team’s dream of winning three consecutive Six Nation Championship titles.

Warren Gatland said that this has been the worst performance of Wales ever since he has become the coach of the team. The team members have to improve themselves and certain changes have to be brought about so that the performance of Wales can be enhanced, added Gatland.

Ireland scored a total of about twenty-six points. On the other hand, Wales only got the chance of scoring three points against Ireland. After the match break was over, Ireland allowed only one penalty by the Wales star player- Leigh Halfpenny.

The flyhalf- Jonathan Saxon (Irish rugby player) played very well as he used his kicking skills to score around fourteen points for Ireland. Ireland’s next match is on 22nd of February, 2014 against England- one of the strongest rugby team.

Philip Matthews (former Irish rugby player) was of the opinion that Wales was responsible for its own defeat because the team committed many mistakes and could not do anything to undo those mistakes.

Wales has always been criticized for being one-dimensional and experts believe that Wales does not have the ability to defeat a team that can outmuscle it. By losing on Saturday (8th of February, 2014) at the Six Nations Championship, Wales proved that the belief related to it is actually true.