Ireland Rugby Team Gets A New Coach

Ireland gets a French coach for a small rugby club located in West Cork.

Munster rugby has obtained a celebratory coach recently. Johan Erasmus would be taking up the director position in this province. Even though this club might be still at amateur levels, it has definitely taken a step to spruce up its acts and to help the team develop skills to the next level.

If you look at Bandon RFC, it is a local club of rugby which has been found in a town that has about 6500 people as its population. Regis Sonnes has been hired to coach for the team who is considered one of the premier coaches among Top 14 forwards. Sonnes will be coaching the first team and oversee the development of different age grades as well. This will commence from the next season. Sonnes had been coaching star players at Bordeaux Begles. Now he would be working with players developing their amateur rugby playing skills. This move was possible when the club has partnered with the Bandon Grammar School. They are pooling together their resources so that they are able to afford the services of a full time coach who would be able to look into the development of both teams.

Conor Slattery is the director of Rugby for Bandon. He had acquaintance with the captain of Bordeaux Begles team and when he stated that he was looking for a coach, Sonnes was suggested by him. Sonnes was also looking to get some experience in coaching teams overseas. Even though Sonnes is one of the best coaches of the Top 14 it would have been hard to convince him to move to a small town in Ireland. Hence, the Frenchman was invited to visit West Cork with his wife. Once they saw the place and what was being offered, Sonnes was ready to come on.