Irish Dream To Host 2023 Rugby Worlds Suffers A Blow

Much to the dismay of Irish rugby fans who were elated to witness the 2023 World Cup in their own country, Ireland’s dream to host the esteemed championship has received a huge setback – as the planning permission to redevelop Casement Park got denied.

A Belfast High Court made this decision of late & Casement being one among the stadiums to serve as the venue for Rugby 2023 World, this very news was a bad blow.

The ruling said that it is just unlawful to grant the planning permit for a 38,000 seater stadium right in the middle of the West Belfast area. But, Justice Horner hasn’t yet trashed the decision to get extension for Casement.

The crowded High Court arena heard that this very decision-making procedure planned by Mark Durkan, the environment minister of Northern Ireland, had been quite “unlawful & inadequate” but the High Court judge did not overturn the decision for the 77 million pounds of redevelopment for the stadium.

Instead, Mr. Horner stated- “The very department was completely wrong factually and legally to come to such a decision.”

A group of residents took legal procedures against Durkan’s approval of the elaborate and exorbitantly priced redevelopment plan for the stadium. The Association of Mooreland & Owenvarragh Residents’ contested saying that their residences would get dwarfed if the extension plan takes place in reality.

“We’re utterly disappointed with the verdict given by Justice Horner”, remarked Tom Daly, the Chairperson of Casement Park Project Board. “The redevelopment plan has rendered us the opportunity to come up with an international level provincial stadium especially for GAA & broader community right in the middle of Belfast. Also, this project would have rendered much needed social and economi8c benefits to the people of West Belfast & beyond.”