Schmidt Contract To Expire

Joe Schmidt is the head coach for IRFU; he has to take a crucial decision as to whether he will extend the four year contract that exists with the team at present. He has certain family commitments that he needs to consider that would affect his decision as to whether he will continue or end the contract.

Joe Schmidt has an important role to play as the head coach for the Irish rugby team. He is deferring a decision for his future with the regional team. Some are optimistic about his extending contract period while others are unsure about his decision.

The current contract that he holds with the Irish team would finish by this season. He informed IRFU that he might take on a new contract with them, which would continue till the 2019 World Cup is held in Japan. You can click here to follow Ireland’s progress as they aim to qualify got the World Cup. Alternately, if not, his association will change the region end this year.

There are certain family related decisions that would affect his final decision that is being stretched for some more time, though the contract has technically expired by the end of August. IRFU has made an open end offer to him, which allows him to continue even if the season has ended. This would be his fourth stint with Ireland team.

Steve Tew is the chief executive of the NZRU, has considerable admiration for Schmidt. He has contacted him and might want Schmidt to come back to New Zealand. There are rumors of Schmidt tying up with the Highlanders, but he has denied that such a link has been established. Both men were together in a tour to South Africa.

Schmidt states that he has not made any commitment with any other team like the Highlanders through Roger Clark. He stresses on the fact that he has not signed on any agreement with any other team till now.