The Oldest Rugby Club In Ireland Comes Out In A New Avatar

The semi-synthetic pitch in College Park is now open for the players of the oldest rugby club of Ireland to practice on. This club was founded in 1854.
The long wait of 18 years is finally over as the students will be stepping into the new pitch leaving behind the legendary grass pitch of Monkstown Rugby Club which no longer seems perfect for the games. The College Park is just in the middle of the city and also a very popular place in the whole country. The authorities from the university protect the park closely.
Since the original surface of the pitch had become hard and cloggy in winters, the college decided to make the whole facility more modern. They will also be bringing in the floodlights by the time Christmas arrives. The pitch here is a bit different from the pitch of Lansdowne. The difference lies in the bond of the synthetic mesh and the actual grass that is growing through it. With a young Ireland rugby Team the chances of scoring are better on the new surface rather than in the muddy grounds with grass cover. This new synthetic field is expected to be more appealing to the new generation players.
Tony Smeeth, the Rugby director said that they have been looking forward to the completed pitch for a long time now and they are happy that they will be practicing there for the first time. He remembers losing two games on the home ground and both matches were played on the muddy ground. Since then they had left the park to be so that the synthetic materials could spread its roots deep in. with this synthetic fields and the floodlights, they will have a facility that is state of the art.